Sorig Khang Melbourne

Welcome to Sorig Khang Melbourne!

Who, where, why and what does it all mean?

Sorig Khang Melbourne is the sister of Arura Healing Centre. Everything relating to Tibetan Medicine comes under the umbrella of Sorig Khang Melbourne instead of Arura Healing Centre. Courses, workshops, and treatments

My teacher Dr Nida Chenagtsang and his team have been working very hard to create a foundation that will be the base for all of his activities, and for all of the centres around the world. What you may have known as IATTM or even further back as Ngak Mang has now been reshaped and rebranded as Sorig Khang International (or SKI for short.)

The vision for SKI is to grow and expand – on a global and inclusive platform – the knowledge, understanding, and preservation of the Tibetan art of healing science known as Sowa Rigpa. Dr Nidas dream is that there will be Sorig Khangs everywhere in the future, helping people through the art and science of Tibetan Medicine. This is one of them. Welcome!

And what exactly is Sorig Khang? Sorig is a truncated form of Sowa Rigpa, the knowlege of healing. And Khang is house. So – House of Healing, I don’t know about you but I love that.

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