Ku Nye Tibetan Massage

Ku Nye Tibetan Massage

This is a amazing repertoire of body work that has been practiced for around 5000 years. In the category of the External Therapies in Tibetan Medicine, it is the most important treatment and the one with the most aspects that can be used to tailor each treatment according to the patients needs.

Some of the rejuvenating and restorative benefits of a Ku Nye massage treatment include:

*The elimination of toxins that can be stored in the body
*Increased vitality
*Reduction and alleviation of pain and pain syndromes
*Calming of nervous disorders including insomnia, depression and anxiety
*Easing of painful or strained muscles and joints
*Removal of energy blockages

A Ky Nye session will include:

*The selection of a massage oil blend according to your body typology
*The use of specific movements to stretch, relax or ease muscles and relieve pain
*Joint movement and mobilisation
*Application of therapeutic heat with hot rocks and salt
*If indicated, the removal of excess oils at the end of the treatment with sandalwood  and chickpea powders

Cupping, moxibustion, massage with shells and Yuk Cho stick therapy are also added to the session when appropriate.

A full Ku Nye massage treatment will take around two hours.

Here you can watch a short video of my Tibetan Medicine teacher Dr Nida Chenagtsang giving a Ku Nye massage treatment.

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