bLa Massage

bLa energy is our life force, our chi, our vital “juice”, it keeps us balanced and functioning. A pure and protective energy with the five elements of which we, and the universe we live in, consist of.
This energy moves around the body on a 30 day lunar cycle, being found in a different place on every day of that cycle. The study of bLa energy and its functions are a direct result of the strong relationship between the two sciences of Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Astrology.

bLa energy can be lost due to stress, trauma, operations or strong treatments done on the wrong day. (Therapies like moxibustion and bloodletting should never be done on the place where the bLa energy is on any particular day. A Tibetan doctor will always check the dates before giving this sort of treatment.)

Signs that your bLa energy is depleted may include: tiredness, sadness, clouded thought and confusion, interrupted sleep, a grey or dull complexion.The good news is that this energy can be restored, called back through a bLa massage treatment. bLa points appropriate to the day can be incorporated into a ku nye massage.

On the days of the full moon and the dark moon we can perform a whole body bLa massage, working on all the points to call this vital energy back and restore and rejuvenate our energetic and physical body.Relaxing and magical, many people feel deeply rejuvenated and restored after their bLa massage, and continue to feel the benefits for many days.

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